Sereen at home health radar device


Keep your loved ones safe from harm at a distance with the Sereen health radar.

  • No wearing.

  • No charging.

  • No fuss.

Our home device uses radar to track your basic vitals and alert your loved ones if something is wrong.

Sereen device placed in the kitchen area of a house

How it works



Rendered prototype of a Sereen device

Sereen devices are installed in the bedroom and living room.

No cameras, just radar

Bedrooms are very intimate places. As opposed to at-home cameras, Sereen preserves your privacy, only sharing information about your vital signs, but no images.

Hidden but everpresent

It works at a distance, detecting your vitals through clothes and without needing to touch or wear it.



The sensor tracks your health vitals and enables the device to diagnose you instantly if something goes wrong.

  • Heartrate

  • Breathing

  • Movement

  • Sleep

By tracking your heart rate over time we can understand whether there are irregular intervals or speeds that could be indicative of an emergency.

We track your breathing rhythm, inhale to exhale ratio, speed and frequency. This helps us understand if the body is under any kind of abnormal stress that could indicate an illness or medical issue.

By understanding what the usual patterns of movement to and from the bedroom and living room look like, we can detect when there has been a fall.

When we sleep, we move in different ways that can indicate whether there is a problem. We can detect issues such as sleep apnea.

More about our tech

Contactless Monitoring,
Long Term Results

Collects vitals through clothes

Can distinguish and track multiple people in one household

Can help predict longer term health outcomes analyzing data over time



Once Sereen gets to know you, it can predict and disclose when an unusual health condition develops, or if it detects a fall, and sends alerts through the app.

A young female walking the street while looing at her phone


Older female sitting down and knitting

As a caregiver, the app provides a constant stream of simple health information to check-in on your dependant. If something goes wrong, the app alerts you immediately.

Young female hand holding a phone and viewing the Sereen mobile app


Sereen mobile app displayed on an iPhone

While your family's looking after you, the app lets you keep track of your own vitals and helps you understand at all times how your health is doing.


Care Team

Medical nurse holding a clipboard
Female doctor standing in a hallway at a hospital
Emergency medical technician sitting in an ambulance

If Sereen notices that the caretaker is not responsive, it automatically alerts the Care Team, a series of phone operators that in the case of an urgent emergency will contact 911 directly.

An affordable alternative to assisted living.

One time cost


2x devices
Installation included

Monthly subscription


For each dependant being monitored and cared for by our operators

With Sereen, you and your loved ones are always up to date on each others health.

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The Founder

Martin Varsavsky is a serial entrepreneur that has successfully built businesses that tend to societies largest problems. From connectivity, to mobility, to healthcare, he now embarks in Sereen to address our desire and need to care for those who we love deeply but are far in our day to day lives.

Headshot photo of the founder Martin Varsavsky
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